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September 15, 2002 - New Release: "Maybe the truth depends on a walk around the lake"

This beta release adds some charset & memory bugfixes, some minor new features, and refreshed dialogs for better adherence to Gnome's human interface guidelines. Feedback on the new dialogs is encouraged.

Suffixes of ".90" or higher in the version number are used to denote beta releases without confusing RPM's feeble brain with human-readable strings like "0.13.1.pre1".

New Features

  • Added a compliment to the space key's "read more" -- backspace now backs up a page, or if at the top of the page, backs up to the previous article.
  • Support automatic import/export of multiple .newsrc files for multiple servers. Previously only one automatic .newsrc file was supported.

  • Updated save, preferences, identities, and server dialogs for better keyboard navigation and better compliance with the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Hide the cursor in the text window. (Joe Drew, #89002)
  • Pan now remembers its window position. (Marc Deslauriers, #88260)

Bug Fixes
  • Posted messages from 0.13.0 lacked the proper encoding header. (Christian Lohmaier, #90760)
  • Fix 0.13.0 crash caused by forwarding email. (Frederic Crozat)
  • Fixed 0.13.0 message corruption fix in the composer when a signature contains 8bit characters. (Alexander Skwar, #85502)
  • 0.13.0 build fix for Alpha architectures. (Kaj-Michael Lang, #91523)
  • Don't save the attachment when the user presses the escape key. (Nicolas Girard, #93092)
  • Fix 0.12.0 problem where URLs were not clickable when the reader scrolled down after highlighting the URL. (Christophe Lambin, #89290)
  • Some minor memory leaks fixed. (Valgrind)