October 13, 2002 - New Release:
0.13.1 "It's always funny until somebody immanentizes the eschaton"

This release fixes some large memory and file descriptor leaks. It also reintroduces custom filters into the header pane, fixes some charset bugs, and has redesigned dialogs to better follow the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines.

New Features
Custom Filters created via the Filter tool can now be applied to the header pane.
Support automatic import/export of multiple .newsrc files for multiple servers.
Added a compliment to the space key's `read more' -- backspace now backs up a page, or if at the top of the page, backs up to the previous article.

  • cz - Michal Bukovjan
  • de - Benjamin Greiner, Christian Neumair
  • es - Pablo del Campo
  • et - T�ivo Leedj�rv
  • ja - Takayuki KUSANO
  • nl - Reinout van Schouwen
  • no - Tov Are Jacobsen
  • pl - GNOME PL Team
  • pt - Duarte Loreto
  • sk - Marcel Telka
  • sv - Christian Rose
  • zh_CN - He Qiangqiang

Christian Lohmaier
Pan now tries to show headers 'as-is' when 'show all headers' is active.
Pan's cache can now exceed 1 GB.
Joe Drew
Hide the cursor in the text window.
Marc Deslauriers
Pan now remembers its window position when restarting.
Patch submitted by Jacob Ils� Christensen Gtk improvements to the server list window in Tools|Servers.
Patch submitted by Panagiotis Issaris All scrollbars' policies are now set to `automatic'.
Pan Team Updated save, preferences, identities, and server dialogs for better keyboard navigation and compliance with the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines.
Pan Team To make Pan more consistent with the rest of the desktop, the system fonts are now used in the group/header/body panes. These can be overridden in Edit|Preferences|Appearance.

Bug Fixes
Christian Lohmaier
Posted messages from 0.13.0 lacked the proper encoding header.
Frederic Crozat Fix 0.13.0 crash caused by forwarding email.
Alexander Skwar
Fixed 0.13.0 message corruption fix in the composer when a signature contains 8bit characters.
Nicolas Girard
Don't save the attachment when the user presses the escape key.
Pan Team
Fix 0.12.0 problem where URLs were not clickable when the reader scrolled down after highlighting the URL.
#91916, John Portnoy
#93538, James Hawtin
Fixes large memory and file descriptor leaks.
#92645, Johann Glaser
#91348, Alen Williams
#91212, Stephen Beahm
Fix bug that mixed up the server selection menu.
S�ren Boll Overgaard
Fixed crash when parsing a corrupt mime message.
Fix crash when user tried to get new headers in a folder.
Steve Fox
When replying or following up, wrap the attribution line if needed.
Patch submitted by Jacob Ils� Christensen Fixed header pane bug where ctrl-end fetched the last article.
Kang Jeong-Hee
Fixed i18n problem in the Task Manager's toolbar: in some locales the button text made the task manager too wide for small screens.
Adam Bloch
Fixed 0.12.0 selection problem problem in the Task Manager. (Patch submitted by Jacob Ils� Christensen)
Gabi Davar
Fixed 0.12.0 keyboard shortcut problem in the Task Manager. (Patch submitted by Jacob Ils� Christensen)
Pan Team Fixed 0.13.0 crash when rapidly switching groups.
Pan Team Fixed bug that could cause filters on email address to fail.
Kaj-Michael Lang
0.13.0 build fix for Alpha architectures.
Valgrind Some minor memory leaks fixed.