Dec 30, 2002 - New Release:
0.13.3 - "That cat's something I can't explain"

What is Pan?

Pan is a newsreader which attempts to be pleasing to both new and experienced users. In addition to the standard newsreader features, Pan also supports yEnc, offline newsreading, article filtering, multiple connections, and more features for power users and alt.binaries fans.

It's also the only Unix newsreader to get a perfect score on the Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval evaluations.

About 0.13.3

This release contains a huge list of bugfixes, a few big speedups, and a handful of usability improvements.

There have been four betas since the last stable release to shake out any new bugs caused by all these changes.

Changes since 0.13.2

New Features
Added a Preferences option to start Pan in offline mode.

Pan Team Faster startup time, particularly when the article cache is large.
Pan Team Faster refreshes in the header and group panes.
Duncan Pan now retains custom accelerator keys (shortcuts) between sessions.
Bobby D. Bryant
The status bar now shows the queued articles' subject header, rather than its Message-ID or "downloading 1 articles"
Jerry Segers
Made duplicate saved attachments easier to grep for.
Chris Petersen
Changed Subject sorting for better grouping in binaries groups.
Pan Team
Server connection settings now take effect as soon as the `Pan: Edit Server' dialog is closed.
Brandon Corey
SGI portability patches.
Pan Team
Fixed GUI blooper that let the user turn off all the panes in the main window, leaving an empty window.
Kang Jeong-Hee
Added support in config.xml for tweaking the toolbar's appearance:
  • /Pan/Display/toolbar_visible
  • /Pan/Display/toolbar_labels_visible
Reordered the group popup menu to make the delete buttons less likely to be clicked by accident.
Pan Team Added more error checking and logging when spawning new threads.

Bug Fixes
Don Horsman
Fixed a serious 0.13.1 memory leak, and cache overflow, caused by the Task Manager window.
Pan Team
Fixed 0.13.1 bug that crashed Pan if an `Edit Servers' dialog was still open when the user closed the `Servers' dialog.
Jens Petersen
Fixed 0.13.2 bug that crashed pan when sending mail with non-default charsets in the Japanese locale.
Fixed 0.13.0 bug that crashed pan when reading some messages on 64-bit architectures.
Bo Flynn
Fixed 0.12.0 bug that crashed Pan when the user closed the main preferences window while the font or color sub-windows were still open.
Carl Hudkins
Fixed crash that occurred when changing groups or exiting Pan while the header pane is being refreshed.
Pan Team
Fixed a race condition that could cause Pan to crash on startup when the ``restore tasks?'' dialog appeared.
Valgrind Fixed a nasty little memory corruption bug in Pan's status bars and a half-dozen small memory leaks.
James Brost
Fixed bug that caused Pan to forget the default News profile.
Will Robinson
Fixed bug that displayed the incorrect time/date in the header pane.
Bobby D. Bryant Fixed 0.13.1 bug that caused failed tasks to be removed from the Task Manager, regardless of the user's preferences setting.
Bas Mevissen
Fixed 0.13.0 bug that made it impossible to mark one's own posts as read.
Pan Team
Fixed race condition where two `save attachment' tasks could both try to create the target directory at the same time, causing one to fail with `cannot create: file exists'.
Chill Fixed 0.13.1 bug that broke the Supersede function.
Pan Team
Fixed bug that could cause the cache size to grow too large.
Marc Geerlings
Fixed bug which caused follow-ups to fail in some very long threads.
Sid Cowles
Fixed bug didn't save article bodies if both `save attachments' and `save body' were checked and the article had no attachments.
Fixed a bug that corrupted the multipart states of some articles.
Pan Team
Fixed bug that corrupted some headers in `show-all-headers' mode.
Pan Team
Fixed charset sanity checking in replies and new posts.
Fixed space-key-reading bug where Pan could jump to the next article before the bottom page of the current article was shown.
Christian Lohmaier
Fixed bug that broke space reading on articles whose subjects contained 8bit data.
Pan Team Fixed bug that broke the bozo and spam filters on 8bit data.
Fixed refresh bug that caused Pan to disconcertingly deselect the current group and reselect the previous group.
Pan Team
Handle slightly-broken Message-ID headers more gracefully. Message-IDs with trailing spaces broke space reading in 0.13.0.
Martin Schrode
Handle broken content-type headers more gracefully. If the content-type can't be parsed, assume plaintext.
Marcin Wojtczuk
Fixed bug that tricked Pan into thinking a text message was a uuencoded message by starting the message with a uu begin line.
Leonard Nutley
Added the `red x' icon back to the header pane for articles whose download attempts have failed.
Wendell Dingus
Fixed minor display bug in the header pane which sometimes hid the sorting '+' or '-' in the column header.
Martin Tomasek
The header pane now updates itself to match the gtk2 theme's colors when the desktop's gtk2 theme changes.
Tom F Fixed obsolete web link in the new user dialog.