August 27, 2003 - New Release:
0.14.1 - "This is not a psychotic episode. It's a cleansing moment of clarity."

What is Pan?

Pan is a newsreader which attempts to be pleasing to both new and experienced users. In addition to the standard newsreader features, Pan also supports yEnc, offline newsreading, article filtering, multiple connections, and more features for power users and alt.binaries fans.

It's also the only Unix newsreader to get a perfect score on the Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval evaluations.

About 0.14.1

This release adds faster article loading/saving/threading/sorting, better scorefile integration, and over fifty other bugfixes, usability improvements, and portability changes. There have also been seven beta releases since 0.14.0 to shake out any new bugs caused by these changes.

Changes since 0.14.0

New Features
#110833 Thomas Klausner Added support for GNet2, which adds IPv6 support to Pan.
#111867 Zygimantas Augilius Added Baltic Windows-1257 charset support.
#115469 Steve Lamb Display the total score for a thread when the thread is collapsed.
  Guy Rouillier Added menu buttons and shortcuts for `go to next new article' and `go to next new thread'

  Pan Team Faster article loading, sorting, threading, saving, and viewing.
  Alberto BARSELLA Better reconnection and task resumption if server connections are lost.
#116655 Paul Johnson When Ignoring a thread, remove that thread from the header pane.
When plonking an author, remove their articles from the header pane.
#108757 Bruce Bowler Sort subthreads in the header pane.
#115922 Paul Johnson The header pane's `new children' number shouldn't count articles that have been filtered out.
#113771 Bobby Bryant Closer synchronization with slrn's handling of assign (`=') sections.
#118169 Guy Rouillier If news server authentication fails, pop up an error dialog, then go offline to give the user a chance to fix the problem.
#111714 Rob Bedford Make sure the Preferences dialog fits in a 800x600 window.
#117651 T. G. Reaper If `wrap' is on in the message composer, text pasted into it should be wrapped too.
#104866 Brad Sims Show the current line and column numbers in the Compose window.
#118152 Kelsey Bjarnason Clear the body pane when switching newsgroups.
#117785 Pan Team Added shortcut keys for the `Find' fields in the group and header pane toolbars.
#118894 Helge Hielscher Added some validity checks to user input in the news server edit dialog.
#120159 Soren Boll Overgaard "Abbreviate Names in Group Pane" shouldn't abbreviate single-word newsgroup names.
#118976 Sebastian Kapfer "Abbreviate Names in Group Pane" now handles groups ending in "moderated".
  Achim Linder Restored the "Don't Generate Message-ID" checkbutton in the Compose window.
#119527 Torstein Sunde Display the identity name in the Compose window's From: menu.
#115683 Nick Pinney Use the defined monospace font for article headers in the text pane.
#117516 Nicolas Girard Speed improvements in `Delete all Articles'.
#112812 Michael Waters Speed improvements in toggling tabbed layout on/off.
#119686 Lenroc The Compose window's charset error dialog now tells the illegal character's row and column.
  Pan Team Warn if a message being posted has `--', rather than `-- ', as the quote delimiter.
#112120 Don Horsman Restored the Group Properties dialog's directory browse button.
#109578 Mark Getting all groups for a server now correctly flushes out removed groups.
#113602 Bobby D. Bryant Added hints to help Sawfish remember where each window goes.
#117017 Lloyd Budd Let `pan --version' and `pan --help' run without requiring a GUI.
#109281 Paul Hudson On Windows, use CR/LF as line separators for the score file.

#112818 Blue Meanie Fixed Solaris 64-bit errors.
#104479 Jubal Fixed Mac OS X compile errors.
#112724 Matthew Fischer Fixed error in the GMime directories' automake file.
  K. Haley Improvements for using on Windows.

Bug Fixes
#119363 Uwe Naumann Fixed nasty bug that could post the same article more than once.
#115659 Dave Blamire-Brown Fixed 0.14.0 bug that saved inverted score filters incorrectly.
#119058 Mark Derricutt Fixed 0.14.0 score-coloring wart that made old articles appear new.
#119748 Phoenix Reads Fixed 0.14.0 crash when feeding the scorefile illegal regular expressions.
#112582 Pan Team Fixed timing bug that could corrupt memory closing the log view window.
#111790 Dave Fix race condition that could corrupt the grouplist file.
#113405 Don Horsman Fixed 0.13.4 bug that didn't allow the task manager to requeue stopped tasks.
#111873 Dave Hill
Sam Guidice
`Delete Article' rules didn't work right in folders or in deselected groups.
#117542 Jan De Luyck Use the gtk theme for the header pane's score column background color.
#113265 Tom Warkentin Pan lost articles when header downloading got a socket error.
#110428 Thomas K. Gamble Pan now resumes tasks automatically after a news server connection is lost.
#118746 Frederic Crozat Pan improperly parsed some users' BROWSER environmental variable.
#112695 Alexander Skwar Cut/Copy/Paste didn't work right in the compose window's subject/email/newsgroup entry fields.
#117187 Nicolas Girard Changing identities in the Compose window wiped out any `top-posting' text preceding the attribution line. Not that you should top-post anyway. :)
#110314 Samuli Kärkkäinen Fixed old bug that imported the 0.11.4 config files with the wrong charset.
  Chris Petersen In the Filter menu, only show the custom filters that the user's selected to show.
#119575 Warren Servers whose names contained underscores were mishandled in the main menu.
#111790 Dave Hill Silenced a misleading assertion failure when getting new headers.
#112142 Carl Hudkins Fix bug that caused a spurious character in the status bar. Thanks to Per Hedeland for submitting a patch.
#116319 Nicolas Girard When the header pane search field loses focus, don't update the header pane if the search phrase hasn't changed.
#115239 Brian Key Fixed Posting Profiles usability bug.
#113362 DevilKin Fix formatting error of some strings in the log view window.
#102491 Jerry Walters Segers The date column in the header pane was narrowed, instead of just scrolled offscreen, when other fields were expanded.
#118589 Jan De Luyck Fixed minor grammatical error.
  Pan Team Fixed minor memory leaks.