Nov 28, 2003 - New Release: - "A Bouquet of Corpses"

What is Pan?

Pan is a newsreader which attempts to be pleasing to both new and experienced users. In addition to the standard newsreader features, Pan also supports yEnc, offline newsreading, article filtering, multiple connections, and more features for power users and alt.binaries fans.

It's also the only Unix newsreader to get a perfect score on the Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval evaluations.


This release adds Perl-compatable regular expression support, "Manual Decode" for decoding arbitrary sets of articles, and the inevitable bugfixes.

Changes since 0.14.2

New Features
#119518 Torstein Sunde Added "Manual Decode" button for decoding arbitrary sets of articles.
#122078 Carl Hudkins Pan now uses Perl-Compatable Regular Expressions.

#119543 Torstein Sunde When expanding a multipart subthread, show the top article's real line count, rather than the sum of all lines in the multipart.

Bug Fixes
#123246 Jakob Breivik Grimstveit Fixed ``error creating regular expression'' bug in the Add Score dialog.
#127661 Ted Anderson Position the cursor at the end of the body in a follow-up window.
#120129 John van der Kamp Fix GUI warts between the toolbar filter buttons and menu filter buttons.
#128128 Pan Team Fix bug when sorting incomplete multipart articles.
#125921 Artur Brodowski Fix charset encoding bug in the log window.
#101510 Juergen P. Meier Don't flag text as the beginning of a uuencoded block if the begin line doesn't have 3 octal digits for file permissions.
#121765 Bill Baker Added '\' as a valid URL character.
#122749 Pawe Fixed some errors in the desktop entry spec
#124098 Lenroc Silence annoying win32 warning message.
#121040 haleykd Fixed regression test for Windows build