Pan 0.12 Keyboard Shortcuts

Unmodified Shift Control Shift+Control
A Get new headers Get new headers & bodies Select all in focused Pane Deselect all in focused Pane
B Abbreviate group names Add subscribed to selection Select all groups Deselect all groups
C Use monospace font
D Add subthread to selection Add thread to selection Select all headers Deselect all headers

Thread articles
F Follow-Up Header Pane Filter Find
G Next unread group Next group Find Again
H Show all headers


Invert Selection Ignore thread
J Flag
Unflag Download flagged

L Work Online

M Mark read

Mark group read
N Next Unread article Next article New
More download options... Open
P Post
Q Mute quoted text
R Reply Rot13 selected text Replace
Save attachments Save
T Next unread thread Next thread


V Previous article Previous thread Paste Previous read article
W Wrap article body
Close Watch thread
X Expand selected threads Collapse selected threads Cut

Z View panes as tabs

Bozo filter
1 View group tab Can't be used Show group pane
2 View header tab Can't be used Show header pane
3 View article tab Can't be used Show article pane
Space Space reading

Delete Delete
Delete last task Delete group's articles