February 6, 2007 - Pan 0.123: "El Nuevo Barretto"

This is a quickie release to fix a couple of problems introduced in 0.122.

Bug Tickets addressed in this release:
 404515 0.122 build problems in `po' (Pteer)
 404309 0.122 build problems for uint64_t (Geoff)
 404837 newsgroups disappear in 0.121 and 0.122 (Kevin Brammer)
 404183 null pointer in printf (Laurent Bigonville)
 371838 header pane not updated for scores on bytes or lines (Mike)
 370195 uulib/fptools.c assert issue - crash (Samuli Karkkainen)
 404979 in 0.122, `cache' behaves like `read' (Michael Bernstein)
 395318 show `wait' cursor when filtering (Kreao Kunjas)
 404347 indicate offline status more clearly (Samuli Karkkainen)