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August 18, 2002 - New Release:
0.13.0 "The Whole Remains Beautiful"

This version of Pan adds a smaller memory footprint, improved i18n, the ability to restore tasks that were queued when your last Pan session ended, support for random signatures a la `fortune', a new toolbar, optional spellchecking, and many bugfixes. There have also been five beta releases to shake out any new bugs.

  • cs - Michal Bukovjan
  • es - Pablo del Campo
  • et - T�ivo Leedj�rv
  • fr - Christophe Merlet
  • hu - Andras Timar
  • ko - Nam SungHyun
  • nl - Reinout van Schouwen
  • no - Tov Are Jacobsen
  • pl - GNOME PL Team
  • pt - Duarte Loreto
  • sk - Marcel Telka
  • sv - Christian Rose
  • vi - pclouds

New Features
Added a toolbar for frequently-used commands.
Added the ability to restore, on startup, tasks that were queued when your last Pan session ended. (#81626)
Added optional spellchecking in the compose window. (Michael Alger)
executable signature files (like fortune) now supported.
Restored single-click filtering that's been gone since 0.9.7. Faster startup time when Pan's article cache is large.

Bas Mevissen
Faster startup time when Pan's article cache is large.
Pan Team
Pan now handles https:// URLs in the text pane correctly.
Pan Team Eliminated the memory penalty for having tasks queued which operated on newsgroups other than the current newsgroup. This should be especially helpful on alt.binaries groups.
Pan Team Flagging messages now works across all newsgroups. Articles could previously only be flagged for the current newsgroup.

Bug Fixes
Alen Williams
Fixed 0.12.0 bug that broke `add task to front of queue'.
Carl Hudkins
Fixed 0.12.0 bug that crashed when editing filters from the rule dialog.
Brian Morrison
Fixed 0.12.0 bug that didn't check the user's `get new headers in subscribed groups on startup' setting.
Fixed 0.12.0 bug that caused Pan to crash on mouseover of some URLs.
Philippe Gramoull Fixed minor 0.12.0 shortcut bug in the Feedback window.
Fixed 0.12.0 bug that dropped the ability to queue up a handful of binary picture articles by pressing the space key repeatedly.
Toivo Leedjarv
Fixed 0.12.0 bug that mishandled improperly-encoded headers.
Martin Tomasek
Fixed 0.12.0 bug where the external editor used when composing a message had to use UTF-8.
Laurent Duperval
Added ctrl-return back as the shortcut for `send now'. Looks like this got dropped by accident in 0.12.0.
Wolfgang Karall
Fixed 0.9.3 bug that failed to notice `disk full' errors when decoding attachments. Pan now fails the decode task the user can free up some space and requeue the task without having to re-download the article bodies.
Himanshu Gohel
Fix 0.8.1b3 bug that forced folder names to be lowercase.
William MacCracken
Fixed old bug that locked up Pan when parsing an empty article.
Roman Moeller
Now properly threads multiparts with subjects like
`some text (1of2).part01.P01 (1/45)'.
Valgrind About a dozen minor memory leaks fixed.
Pan Team Fixed minor 0.11.90 bug: when the user clicks on a line, the radiobutton on that line should select itself.
Pan Team Fixed obscure 0.9.x bug in marking groups articles read that could munge the unread article count.