Feb 27, 2003 - New Release:
0.13.4 - "She had eyes like strange sins"


What is Pan?

Pan is a newsreader which attempts to be pleasing to both new and experienced users. In addition to the standard newsreader features, Pan also supports yEnc, offline newsreading, article filtering, multiple connections, and more features for power users and alt.binaries fans.

It's also the only Unix newsreader to get a perfect score on the Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval evaluations.

About 0.13.4

This release adds a faster task manager, faster loading of large groups, fifteen updated translations, a bunch of usability improvements, and another bunch of bugfixes.

Changes since 0.13.3

New Features
Pan Team Tasks can now be allocated more than one server connection, to download a multipart post faster. These connections can be reallocated to other tasks on the fly to use the same server connection for downloading multiparts and reading news.
Pan Team Added a few new Evolution-like options to the Custom Filters tool.
Luigi Trovato Reintroduced 0.12's separate options for single-click selecting groups and headers.
Robert Boucher Reintroduced colors for read and unread threads in the thread pane. Thanks to Robert Boucher for sending in this patch.
Harav Shivanan Added an option to color the signature. Thanks to Harav Shivanan for sending in a patch.
Added a Preferences option to start Pan in offline mode.

  • am - Ge'ez Frontier Foundation
  • cs - Michal Bukovjan, Miloslav Trmac
  • de - Benjamin Greiner, Christian Meyer, Karsten Weiss
  • es - Pablo del Campo
  • et - T�ivo Leedj�rv
  • fr - Gildas Guillemot, Christophe Merlet, Laurent Richard
  • no - Kjartan Maraas
  • sk - Marcel Telka
  • sv - Christian Rose
  • lv - Artis Trops
  • pl - GNOME PL Team
  • pt - Duarte Loreto
  • nl - Vincent van Adrighem, Reinout van Schouwen
  • uk - Yuri Syrota
  • ja - Takayuki KUSANO

Holger Hoffst�tte
Pan now recognizes commas within URLs.
Jerry Segers
When pressing `delete' in the header pane and the selected article is a collapsed node with children, delete the entire subthread.
Mark Kelly Sped up the loading of very large newsgroups.
Bobby D. Bryant
Hitting `enter' in the "Save As..." dialog's directory entry field behaves as if the dialog's OK button was pressed.
Martin Schrode
In the header pane, handle Home/End keypresses to go to the top/bottom of the pane.
Harav Shivanan Added automatic update of the text color preferences. Thanks to Harav Shivanan for this patch.
Nicolas Girard
If more than one article is selected when `read articles' is pressed, download all the articles as well as reading the first one.
Mike Hearn
Tweak the titlebar to follow the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines.
Pan Team
Added a warning when the user tries to post a top-posted followup.
Pan Team Beautified the new user dialog and added the ability to specify one's .sig file there.

Bug Fixes
Adam Warner
Fixed a domain-mangling bug when superseding articles.
Mr. Nice
Fixed bug that crashed Pan when fetching an article whose From: header contained an email address over 500 characters long.
Michaela Susan Buesing Fixed crash in the Composer's 'Save Message' dialog when OK is clicked before entering a filename.
Jean-Marc Desperrier
Fixed bug in the Composer that corrupted the follow-up when the original article's author contained 8bit data and the attribution line contained '%a'.
Matt Pinkham
Filters for unread or read articles were saved as filters for new articles.
Ville Skytt�
Fixed bug in the composer that would silently clear a follow-up if the signature isn't in the locale's charset.
Pan Team Fixed startup multithreading error.
Michael Waters Fixed bug that kept "urgent" events from creating a popup dialog (e.g. rules with an alert configured).
Harav Shivanan When replying to a message, don't strip its signature out if it's in text selected before pressing `Reply'.
Jerry Segers
When deleting an article the child articles tended to jump around in a most annoying way.
Owen Fix bug in choosing mozilla as your web browser.
Pan Team The color picker didn't display the currently active color.
Bas Mevissen
Suppressed unnecessary `Invalid UTF-8 sequence encountered' warnings.
Jakob Breivik Grimstveit
Message-ID strings were getting trimmed in the `More' popup when clicking on Message-ID in the text pane.
Bas Mevissen
Fixed startup `corrupt image error' message that appeared in gtk 2.2.