The Body Pane displays the text of a selected article header.

Digital Images

Some groups specialize in digital images where each binary post is a separate image. Pan can automatically decode and display these images. To display the image, select and view the article header as you normally would for text and the image will be displayed in the Body Pane.

Body Views

The way information is presented in the Body Pane can be customized in several ways.

In View ▸ Body Pane
  • Wrap Article Body

    Will force the text to flow into paragraphs instead of running off the edge of the text window. This is useful to fix badly formatted articles.

  • Show All Headers in Body Pane

    The headers displayed in the Header Pane are only a small subset of the all the article headers. This commands will display the complete list of article headers in the Body Pane before the article text.

  • Rot 13 Selected Text

    A simple cipher used to hide story spoilers, joke punchlines, etc. Select a block of encrypted text and use this option to decode it to clear text.

  • Use Monospace Font

    Sometimes Usenet authors will create simple ASCII artwork or diagrams. By default, Pan uses proportional fonts for all text which renders ASCII artwork unreadable. By choosing this option, the text of the Body Pane will be displayed using the Monospace Font.

    You can configure the monospace font in Edit ▸ Preferences ▸ Font .

  • Show Smilies as Graphics

    Change ASCII emoticons like :) into graphical versions.

  • Show *Bold*, _Underlined_ and /Italiced/

    Over the years, Usenet authors have devised several strategies to overcome the limited typographic ability of ASCII. Enabling this option will format the article text following these typographic hints.

  • Size Pictures to Fit

    Size digital images so they will display in the Body Pane without scrolling. Click on the image to view it in its original size.