Working with groups in Pan.

Group Views

The total number of groups on a news server can be quite extensive. An easy way to find a specific group is to use the Group text box in the toolbar. Only groups that match the characters typed in the box will be displayed in the Group Pane. If you wish to return the Group Pane to its original state, simply delete the characters in the box by clicking the X icon to the right of the box.

The group names presented in the Group Pane can be shortened by choosing View ▸ Group Pane ▸ Abbreviate Names in Group Pane . This only alters the way the names are presented in this pane.

Group Actions

While a news group is selected, you can perform the following actions:

Groups ▸ Mark Group Read

Mark all articles in a group read.

A typical way to read news is to read all the interesting threads and when done mark the group read. The next time you start the news reader, choose Groups ▸ Get New Headers in Selected Group . With View ▸ Header Pane ▸ Match only Unread Articles , the only headers you will see will be the new headers you just downloaded.

Groups ▸ Get New Headers in Subscribed Groups

Grab new headers for all the groups in the Subscribed Groups section.

Groups ▸ Edit Group Preferences

Opens the Group Preferences dialog. Within this dialog you can customize certain Pan features per group:

  • Character encoding

  • Location in the file hierarchy where attachments are saved

  • The posting profile.

Groups ▸ Subscribe

Add a favorite group to the Subscribed Groups section of the Group Pane. Unsubscribe is the opposite of this command.

Groups ▸ Refresh Group List

Resync the local group list that Pan uses with the current listing on the news server.

Groups ▸ Delete Group's Articles

Delete all the articles for the selected group from the article index.

The Newsrc File

The group list, subscribe/unsubscribe status of each group and the articles marked read in each group are stored in the newsrc file at $HOME/.pan2/newsrc-1.

The newsrc file format is standard among many Unix newsreaders and can be used to import and export this information between these applications.