Certain tasks performed by Pan, like downloading binary posts or grabbing new headers for a group, can take a long time. These tasks are queued and performed in the background while Pan is processing other tasks like grabbing an article.

Cancel Last Task

You can quickly cancel the last task added to the task queue by selecting: File ▸ Cancel Last Task .

Task Manager

Background tasks can be manipulated by using the Task Manager. The Task Manager can be accessed with File ▸ Task Manger or by left-clicking in the task area of the Status Bar at the bottom of the Pan screen.

The Task Manger window is composed of the following parts:


The toolbar contains all the commands you need to manipulate the tasks in the Task Manger Window.

Informational Area

The Informational Area displays the number of queued tasks, the amount of data that needs to downloaded to complete the queued tasks, the current download rate and the estimated time needed to complete the queued tasks.

Task List

A list of queued tasks. Each row is a separate task.

In order to manipulate a task, click on it and the row will be highlighted. Then click on one of the buttons in the toolbar.

If Pan is shutdown whiles tasks are still waiting in the task manager, the task list is saved to disk and resumed when Pan is restarted. This, however, is not true for upload tasks in the current version.

NZB Files

Pan saves its task list in $HOME/.pan2/tasks.nzb file. You can import other task lists into Pan by choosing File ▸ Import NZB Files .