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    Old News

    February 22, 2000 - Pan 0.7.6 Released
    Note: the killfile format has changed since 0.7.5. You must delete ~/.pan/data/killfile.db if upgrading from an earlier version of Pan. All the other data files are fine.

      New Features
    • Better thread tracking/killing in killfile utility
    • New "Find Backwards" button in Find dialog
    • New "Space Reading": hitting the space key will page down in the current article; at the end of the article, the next article is loaded.
    • Added "Save Attachment As..." feature
    • New ability to show all article headers
    • New color for watched article threads.
    • New feature: download entire article thread.
    • New feature: User can now plug in an external mailer to use when replying by mail

    • Updated Danish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, and Spanish translations.
    • Improved Preferences Dialog layout.

      Bug Fixes
    • Pan-freezes-on-startup bug fixed.
    • Memory leaks fixed.
    • Double-click no longer expands the article tree; it now just reads the articles like it did up through 0.7.3. (Click on the +/- box to expand the tree.)
    • Cached articles can now be read while offline, as you would expect.
    • Mark article/all read/unread works properly.
    • Fixed infinite loop when hitting "next" in article Find dialog if all the articles had been filtered out.
    • We now collapse double periods at the start of a line as per RFC977 section 2.4.1. This will stop a "corrupt decode" bug.

    February 10, 2000 - Pan 0.7.5 Released
    The file formats have changed since Pan 0.7.3. You will need to remove your ".pan" directory if upgrading from 0.7.3 or older.
    This is a bugfix release.

      New Features
    • Added rot13 support.
    • Better author and subject message sorting.

    • Updated French, Italian, Korean, and Norwegian translations.

      Bug Fixes
    • The statusbar didn't update when the grouplists were loading in 0.7.4.
    • mark-all-read-crash bug fixed.
    • crash-while-loading-grouplist bug fixed.
    • sincle-click article reading works again.
    • fixes to the article filter
    • I18N Fixes.
    • A few others.

    February 8, 2000 - Pan 0.7.4 Released

      New Features
    • Added ability to view and sort articles by the number of unread children in a thread.
    • New article filtering based on read/unread state, binary/text, etc.
    • Single-part images now are flagged as binaries
    • "Get All Articles" is now faster
    • Find Articles dialog now begins its search at the current article, rather than at the top of the article list.
    • Better (self-evaluated) Good Newskeeping Seal of Approval conformance (ten checklist items!)
    • Friendlier new user startup
    • Added French, Norwegian translations
    • Better support for 64-bit machines

    • Updated German, Italian, Spanish translations

      Bug Fixes
    • Many, many memory leaks & corruption bugs fixed. (Thanks, Purify)
    • Sort-twice-and-crash bug fixed.
    • Taskbar-at-the-bottom-resizes bug fixed.
    • We now dispose of dead sockets properly.
    • Get All/Get New doesn't erase old articles' read/unread state anymore
    • Bug fixes to "Reply" feature
    • Expire-header bugfix
    • Fewer (any?) "Expected X messages; only found Y messages" messages.
    • Handle SIGPIPE errors gracefully.

    January 27, 2000 - Pan 0.7.3 "Snow Day"
    This is an interim release of all the fixes & features written by the Pan development team while snowed in this week.

      New Features
    • Faster loading of binaries newsgroups
    • "Delete" key mapped to delete articles.
    • Threaded articles can now be sorted by author, date, or subject
    • Better (self-evaluated) Good Newskeeping Seal of Approval rating
    • Added support in the killfile to filter out articles with less than N lines. For the alt.binaries fans.
    • New preferences option: show only the first part of completed multipart binary posts

      Bug Fixes
    • Memory leaks fixed.
    • Article sorting from the article list works again.
    • Threaded articles default to sort by date again.
    • Unsubscribe Group bug fixed.
    • Bug where new posts would wrongly be posted as followups fixed.
    • Solaris compile problems.
    • i18n improvements
    January 25, 2000 - Pan 0.7.2 released

      New Features
    • Article filtering added.
    • New article toolbar for easy filtering/sorting of articles.
    • Improved killfile support.
    • New Swedish translation.
    • Updated Korean, Danish, and Polish translations.

      Bug Fixes
    • More gui lockup fixes. Don't these things ever go away?
    • Some servers wouldn't accept the date format given by Pan when posting. Pan now uses a more universal date string.
    • The "Find" dialog now works correctly.
    • The default directories preferences weren't being set/used/saved correctly.
    • Pan would crash if all the articles in a group were filtered out by the killfile.
    • Pan would go into an infinite loop when hitting next/previous unread article if the articles were already all read. My, but these bugfix sections are depressing to write.
    January 12, 2000 - Pan 0.7.1 released

      Bug Fixes
    • "Get all" groups / "get new" groups was crashing.
    • More gui lockup fixes. Don't these things ever go away?
    • The reply/followup menu options in the articlelist popup didn't work properly.
    • Layout mode wasn't loading the articlelist when user selected a group from the keyboard.
    • Some dialogs (like the "no groups for this server; load now?") were getting lost behind the main window. Now they are always in front of the main window.
    • Decode fixes.
    • Open multiple attachments fixed.
    • Printing articles from the main window (instead of a popup article
    • Multiple fixes to the prefs code.
    • Other stuff we forgot to document.
    January 10, 2000 - Pan 0.7.0 released

      New Features
    • Added ability to download/decode more than one item at a time. A thread for non-decode activity is reserved set aside so that messages can be read even when the decode queue is full.
    • Article cache management
    • Keyboard navigation for groups, articles, unread articles
    • Added ability to email a reply to posts
    • "Wildmat"-style pattern matching in grouplist & find dialog. This is the style used by the find command and most shells. In short, "comp.lang*" now works.
    • Messages can now be saved as text files.
    • Early printing support added. (Waiting for gnome-print to finalize; this is an interim fix)
    • Followup-to, reply-to, and "followup-to: poster" headers supported
    • Added ability to change servers during a download.
    • Added new --debug command-line options
    • Group descriptions are now displayed in the grouplist.
    • Multibyte fonts now supported
    • Article list loading sped up, again.
    • Toolbar now shows number of actions (get new groups, get new headers, decode multipart, etc) queued and waiting for a server connection.
    • Better (self-evaluated) "good newskeeping seal of approval" rating
    • Better conformance to "son-of-rfc-1036" document

      Bug Fixes
    • y2k posting date bug
    • many decode bugs
    • freezeup when loading articles, changing groups, decoding/reading messages. multithreaded Gtk articles are tricky to debug; thanks for all the bug reporters.
    • decoded files were saved in the wrong directory when the user changed groups during the decode
    • multipart messages were being flagged as complete even if the last part was missing.
    • Bug fix: Pan would go into an infinite loop if corrupt data was downloaded from the nntp server.
    • and others, including our old favorites: memory leaks plugged and memory corruption fixed.

    December 14, 1999 - Pan 0.6.7 released

    • Fixed the bug with posting new messages, thanks to Jason Costomiris for reporting this bug.
    • Fixed "mark unread" bug. Thanks to David Bicking and Noah Robin for reporting this bug.
    • Fixed a bug with decoded attachments (with unknown filenames) overwriting the same file, thanks to Rich Unger for the patch.
    • Fixed a bug with overwhelming X traffic during download/decode articles. Thanks to Frank de Lange for reporting this bug.
    • Many, many memory leaks plugged. Thanks to Purify for reporting this bug.
    • Slightly faster startup.
    • Updated Korean translation, thanks to Kang JeongHee.

    December 13, 1999 - Pan 0.6.6 released

    • New feature: "Open Article in New Window" (including ability to save full text of a message to a file.)
    • New feature: "Get New Groups".
    • New feature: Killfile support (filter out spam messages or authors).
    • New feature: User-configurable article headers.
    • Reply-To and Followup-To now supported.
    • Many improvements to message Posting and Replying.
    • Made the druid for first-time users even simpler.
    • Article expiration improved, should only be expiring articles that no longer exist on the server now.
    • Article Tree speedups; the article sort lockup bug has been fixed.
    • Added support for regular expressions in group/article lists.
    • Updated Italian translation.
    • Updated Polish translation.
    • German Translation added, thanks to Matthew D. Allen.
    • Fixed bug in new fonts being applied to display even when the user hasn't specifically set or changed the font in the Preferences.
    • Fixed a bug with line counts being sorted incorrectly, thanks to Kevin Brammer for reporting this bug.
    • Fixed bugs with "Group Empty".
    • Speed tweaks, bug fixes, and many code cleanups.
    December 2, 1999 - Website Updates
    Worked on updating the site a little bit, it's now fully HTML 4.0 compliant.

    December 1, 1999 - Pan 0.6.5 released

    • Fixed bugs that prevented replying to messages (and improved mem usage and performance by removing old variables in the process).
    • Fixed a serious bug with keyboard bindings and switching layouts. Thanks to J.F. Shoberg for reporting this bug.
    • Fixed bugs with deleting/marking read/marking unread articles corrupting total/unread counts.
    • Fixed memory leaks/corruption bugs in posting module.
    • Fixed possible problems with TCP connection code, thanks to Jeff Schornick for the suggestion.
    • Paned layout preserves pane positions (widths), thanks to Chris Jones for the patch.
    • Cosmetic improvements to the article and grouplist list.
    • Fixed a bug causing crashes when trying to read messages with zero lines, thanks to Michael Dungan for reporting this bug.

    November 29, 1999 - Pan 0.6.4 released

    • Replaced gdbm use with Berkeley DB for speed reasons. What was a 140-second load now takes 4 seconds!
    • Marking articles as read, unread now works correctly.
    • Deleting articles now works correctly.
    • Added Italian translation, thanks to Davide Manzoni.
    • Updated Spanish translation.
    • Updated Polish translation.
    • Updated Korean translation.
    • Should now build and run on FreeBSD out of the box.
    • Find dialog now has "find unread only" switch and remembers users' preferences each time it's popped up.
    • Threading articles by message-id works again. (Broken in 0.6.3)
    • Added signature file support (set it in the User Preferences).
    • Speed improvements in group list and message text displays.
    • Mem leaks plugged, bugs fixed, and other speedups.
    November 15, 1999 - Pan 0.6.3 released
    • Article threading rewritten from scratch, it's now very very fast.
    • Session management and --geometry string parsing added, thanks to Gregory McLean.
    • Updated Korean translation.
    • Polish translation added, thanks to Karol Chatkowski.
    • Spanish translation added, thanks to Antonio de la Torre.
    • Serbian translation added, thanks to Zoltan Csala.
    • Improved the Find dialog to allow searching for authors and toggling case sensitivity.
    • Pan now builds on Solaris out of the box.
    • Fonts used in the group listing, article listing, and in the message bodies can be customized in the Preferences now.
    • Colors used in the article listing can be customized in the Preferences.
    • Per-group configuration abilities added: now you can have download files from each group go to a configurable directory.
    • Complete multipart messages get their line counts summed up.
    • Bug fixes and mem leak fixes.
    November 1, 1999 - Pan 0.6.2 released
    There's just too many improvements to list here, grab it and read the NEWS file.
    The FAQ is up finally too. Take a peek at it and send us suggestions for more questions/answers if you think of any that aren't there.

    October 30, 1999
    Welcome Charles Kerr to the development team.

    October 15, 1999 - Pan 0.6.1 released
    • pan.desktop donated by Datazone, now we sneak our way into your GNOME main menu (in the Internet submenu)
    • Danish partial translation contributed by Birger Langkjer.. Thanks (our apologies for not having all the strings marked or all files included as of 0.6.0 to make it a 'full' translation.)
    • i18n improvements, hopefully marking all strings and including all necessary files.
    • serious bug in 'online/offline prompt' operation in paned mode fixed.
    • improved prefs to help prevent authorization problems.
    • the Log Viewer is (mostly) finished! Check it out and give us some feedback.
    • progressbar errors/miscalculations for 'get all' and 'get new' should all be fixed.
    • statusbar improved to show counting of header totals while downloading.

    October 4, 1999 - Pan 0.6.0 released

    September 21, 1999 - Pan 0.5.2 released
    Pan version 0.5.2 has been released with some significant changes to the network/queue code. Let us know how it works for you!

    September 16, 1999 - Pan 0.5.1 released
    Pan version 0.5.1 has been release with a configure script that correctly checks for the right library versions. Pan no longer works with the stock Redhat Gnome RPMs. You will need to upgrade!

    September 15, 1999 - Pan 0.5.0 released
    Pan version 0.5.0 is here.

    September 7, 1999 - Pan 0.4.9 released
    Pan version 0.4.9 has been released!

    September 7, 1999
    I setup a CVS server and a pan-devel mailing list to encourage others to help me with Pan. If you are interested in helping please let us know! Anonymous CVS access could be made available too, if enough people are interested.

    August 6, 1999
    I started a News section so this page isn't quite so boring. Also, I'd like to thank everyone who had nice things to say about Pan, it was very encouraging.

    August 5, 1999 - Pan 0.4.3 released
    Pan version 0.4.3 is released.