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    Old News

    October 18, 2001 - New Release: "Little Leprechaun"

      This is a big bugfix release: for once I'm unable to crash it in heavy torture testing. Undoubtedly you'll be able to correct this situation. :)

    • Added Preferences option to toggle custom foreground/background colors in the text pane vs. using the default gtk theme colors. Thanks to Justin Piszcz for suggesting this.
      Bug Fixes
    • Fixed problems with different threads manipulating articles concurrently. This should fix some of the bugs recently reported which are irreproducable but all similar.
    • Articles' memory management is now tied to an article refcount of the group which owns them. This resolves the Article life cycle issues like "what happens if a rule deletes an article that articlelist is drawing?" and "what if an article is expired while a person's reading it?" etc.
    • Fixes bug that caused some Tasks to get stuck in an Abort state even if they completed successfully.
    • Fixed bug that caused Tasks to sometimes not get run in the queue until another task was added to give it a bump. Thanks to Douglas Kilpatrick for tracking down this bug.
    • Fixes for creating/saving negated filter conditions. Thanks to Jed S. Baer for reporting this bug.
    • Fixed small but nasty memory corruption bug when saving attachments.
    • Fixes bug that didn't disconnect correctly from the news server when an error occurred while saving attachments.
    • Show the correct linecount in the Header Pane for multipart binaries when reposts are included in the multipart thread.
    • Fix bug that caused Pan to crash when it was started in zoom mode. Thanks to Leo Lipelis for reporting this bug.
    • Fix in GMime for Debian and Solaris charsets. Thanks to Volodymyr M. Lisivka for submitting a patch to GMime.
    • Wrap excessively long email addresses in the header display so that Pan's window doesn't strech off the screen. Thanks to David Watson for reporting this bug.

    October 6, 2001 - New Release: "Andrew Orlowski Can Kiss My Ass"

      We're warming up to a stable release: this version has no new features but fixes a lot of bugs and uses less memory and disk space when decoding large multiparts.
    • Uses less temporary disk space when decoding multiparts. This is chiefly due to some very excellent GMime code written by Jeffrey Stedfast.
      Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug that misset the article pane's foreground color. Thanks to [email protected] for reporting this bug.
    • Fixed bug that kept reading/deleting an article from propagating to its crossposts.
    • Fixed error with displaying mime articles with two or more text attachments. Thanks to Robert Tilley for reporting this bug.
    • Fixed bug where Pan confused one article as another during downloading.
    • Fixed bug that made the progress bars get stuck even when a task was completed.
    • Fixed bug that caused the text pane to be too large or to sometimes lose its scrollbars in This was in .91's new "show pictures without gtkhtml" code.
    • Fixed fairly large memory leak when editing preferences.
    • Fixed other small memory leaks.

    September 22, 2001 - New Release: "Hildie and Satin"

      Charles' been busy with work lately and Christophe is on vacation, so has fewer sweeping code changes than usual (but maybe this is a Good Thing for getting closer to a 0.10.1 release?) Accordingly, most changes in this release are fixes to user-reported bugs. It also removes the size limit for decoding Very Large attachments and removes the gtkhtml requirement for hotlinks and picture attachments!

      A big Thank You to the users who take the time to fill out bug reports. Squashing these beta bugs is important to us.

      This release's improbable version number is to indicate that this is a beta between 0.10.0 and 0.10.1, without confusing RPM with sane, human-readable phrases like "beta". :)

      New Features
    • gtkhtml is no longer needed for hotlinks and picture attachments. Yay!
    • Added a second quote color to help distinguish
      >> One reply
      > From another.
    • Uses much less memory when decoding attachments.
      Bug Fixes
    • Fixed crash when importing an empty .newsrc file, including on startup. Thanks to Derek Poon for first reporting this problem and submitting a fix.
    • Fixed crashes in the Task Manager dialog.
    • Fixed crashes in the progressbar when using pixmapped Gtk+ themes.
    • Fix problem with the queue running away with the CPU in Thanks to Chris Vance for reporting this bug and submitting a fix.
    • Fixed problem with date header not being sent when sending mail from Pan. Thanks to Derek Poon for reporting this problem and submitting a fix.
    • Fix lockup from having a double-mutex thread lock when we can't load the user-specified font for the articlelist. Thanks to Thomas K. Gamble for reporting this bug.
    • RPM and configure script build fixes.

    September 6, 2001 - New Release: "More Sugar"

      Though this was supposed to be a minor release, we've worked through many requests and bug reports this time. Per-group posting identities, lots of bug fixes, and GUI cleanups are the biggest parts of this release.

      The improbable version number is to indicate that this is a beta between 0.10.0 and 0.10.1, without confusing RPM with sane, human-readable phrases like "beta". :)

      New Features
    • Added Profiles manager for managing posting/mailing mail, signature, etc. for different groups.
    • The search field above the group and article lists are now comboboxes that remember earlier search fields. Thanks to Adam Nevins for suggesting this.
    • Finally added support for writing posts with an external editor. Thanks to Sylpheed for this.
    • Added the ability to sort by read state (new, unread, number of new replies, etc) and by action state (flagged, queued, etc). Thanks to David Watson and Sapient Fridge for suggesting this.
    • * Can now toggle between a normal font and a monospace font in the article body pane. Thanks to KNode for this.
    • * Added the ability to toggle the visibility of any of the three main panes.
    • * Added an option to shorten names in the group pane; ie, "" can be shortened to "c.g.a.gimp".
    • The "Save Article" and "Save Attachments" dialogs have been merged into a single dialog.
    • The menu has been rearranged to have more sensible feature groupings.
    • Nicer article navigation.
    • Small improvements in Pan's configure script.
    • When Following up an article, the focus in the composer window is set to the message box, rather than being hidden wherever the default was. Thanks to Cameron Kerr for suggesting this.
    • Stable sorting in the thread pane added back into Pan, so sorting in one column, then another, effectively gives a two-key sort.
      Bug Fixes
    • Fixed three different crashing bugs that occurred when torturing the article threads.
    • Some headers were not being saved for pending articles in the pan.sendlater folder. This caused problems when trying to post offline. Thanks to T'aZ, Frank Van Damme, and lots of other people for reporting this bug.
    • Fixes an i18n charset problem in 0.10.0. Thanks to Jeffrey Stedfast for reporting and fixing this big.
    • Fixes xml decoding bug. Thanks to T�ivo Leedj�rv for reporting this bug and providing a patch.
    • Fixed annoying space reading bug that caused short articles to be scrolled offscreen, then back on again, before going to the next article.
    • Fix small bug that didn't let the text pane's font size to be changed correctly if gtkhtml was being used. Thanks to David Watson for reporting this bug.
    • Header encoding Pan/GMime bug fixed. Thanks to Christian Lohmaier for reporting this bug and Jeffrey Stedfast for fixing it in GMime.
    • pan/text.c (text_create): fix problem with changing the background color of the gtkhtml pane. Thanks to T�ivo Leedj�rv for providing this fix.
    • Hitting "show all headers" didn't actually show *all* headers, just more headers. Thanks to Christian Lohmaier for reporting this bug.
    • In the article toolbar filter, switching between Subject and Author didn't cause the articles to be re-filtered.
    • Tab Damage errors in 0.10.0 fixed.
    • Small memory leaks fixed.

    August 20, 2001 - New RPMs, FAQ

      The FAQ has been revised to add newer FAQs and to remove old ones that don't apply any more. Also, we've added new 0.10.0 RPMs for Red Hat. Thanks to John Aldrich for helping out with this.

    August 16, 2001 - New Release:
    0.10.0 "You hear in the distance the chirping of a song bird."

      This has a few bugfixes, minor UI improvements, and updated translations over 0.9.90. Most of the cool changes since the last stable release are listed in the 0.9.90 announcement.
      New Features
    • New navigation shortcuts for the Task Manager to cancel and reorder tasks. Thanks to Ryan Daniels for suggesting this.
    • Added Slovak translation.
    • Better charset support when posting messages. Thanks to Volodymyr M. Lisivka for this patch.
    • More/Better icons in the thread view pane.
    • Added keyboard shortcuts to cancel and reorder tasks in the task manager. Thanks to Ryan Daniels for suggesting this.
    • Warn users if they're using an empty Filter in a rule. Thanks to Huub Reuver for suggesting this.
    • Show attached images even if the mime header "content-disposition" isn't set to "inline" because it's good odds the user meant to inline it anyway. :)
      Bug Fixes
    • Fixes crash that occurred when parsing improperly-constructed mime messages. Thanks to Frank van Damme for reporting this bug.
    • Fixes 0.9.90 crash that occurred when applying rules when there was no group loaded in the thread pane. Thanks to T'aZ for reporting this bug.
    • Follow-Ups to messages with attachments weren't being shown in the thread pane. Thanks to Jed Baer for reporting this bug.
    • 0.9.90 didn't allow the grouplist pane to shrink beyond its requisition size to account for people running under lower resolutions. Thanks to mdew for reporting this problem.
    • The 'Edit' menu shortcut conflicted with the 'Message' window shortcut in 0.9.90. Thanks to David Oberbeck for pointing out this bug.
    • Minor bug fixes and correctness checks.