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You can sometimes find us on irc.libera.chat, channel #pan.

Original Authors

Charles Kerrcharles at rebelbase.com
Christophe Lambinchris at rebelbase.com
Matt Eaglesonmatt at rebelbase.com


Heinrich Müllereddie_v at gmx.dePan development
Kenneth Haleyhaleykd at users.sf.netPan development
Petr Kovarpknbe at volny.czPan releases & website maintenance
Calin Culianucalin at ajvar.orgThreaded Decoding
Dominique Dumontdod at debian.orgPan releases

...and the code contributors from the Pan mailing lists and elsewhere.

Special thanks to Duncan and other mailing list regulars for their community support, Lacrocivious Acrophosist for moderating the #pan IRC channel, and Pan packagers for maintaining Pan on various systems and platforms.

For a complete list of people who have contributed in the past, see the NEWS file distributed with the Pan source code.