How to post articles in Pan.


Post ▸ Post to Newsgroup

Post an article to the selected newsgroup.

Post ▸ Followup to Newsgroup

Post a reply to the selected article and continue the thread.

Post ▸ Reply to Author in Mail

Post a reply to the selected article via email.

While highlighting in the Header Pane the article header of a post that you posted to the news server, you can perform these two actions:

Post ▸ Supersede Article

This allows you to supersede an earlier article with another newer post.

Post ▸ Cancel Article

This allows you to cancel a earlier article.

Most public news servers disable the supersede and cancel commands for security reasons. Make sure you are comfortable with your article before you post it to the news server, because in most cases it will be impossible to take back or alter what you have said.

Posting Profiles Dialog

Posting Profiles allow the user to configure different Usenet personas that may be customized for particular groups.

The Posting Profiles dialog displays a list of currently configured Posting Profiles. From here you can Remove or Edit a profile by clicking on the profile's name and press the appropriate button. Clicking add will start a new profile.

Mandatory Information

Each profile contains the following information:

  • Profile Name

    The name of this profile.

  • Full Name

    The author name that will be used in the article's header.

  • Email Address

    The email address that will be used in the article's header.

  • Post Articles via

    If multiple news servers are configured, choose which server will receive the article.


A signature is a block of text that is appended to the end of every outgoing article. Generally it is contact information, a personal motto or a witty saying.

Click Use a Signature to activate signature support.

  • Text

    Type in the text you wish to use as a signature.

  • Text File

    Enter the location of the file in the disk hierarchy. The Browse button can assist in this.

  • Command

    Type in the command you wish to run and the output of that command will be captured and used as the signature text.

    Example: fortune -s

  • PGP Signature

    Choose this if you want to sign or encrypt your message with PGP. The given email address has to match the PGP email address for this method to work.

    PGP support is an optional feature and may not be available in your Pan build.

Optional Information

  • Attribution

    When you reply to a post, the text in the attribution box precedes the quoted text. The %d flag is replaced the by the date of the selected post while the %n flag is replaced with the author of the selected post.

  • Extra Headers

    This is a advanced option to add extra headers to the article.

Post Article Dialog

Whenever you post an article you use the Post Article Dialog.


The Post Article Dialog is composed of the following parts:


The menubar contains all the commands that you need to post an article.


The toolbar contains a subset of the commands that you can access from the menubar.


Select which Posting Profile to use.


Type in the subject of your post. If this post is a reply, this line is already filled-in.


A comma separated list of all the groups that will receive this article.

Mail To

Enter an email address to send the article.

More Headers

An advanced option to manually add more headers.

Text Area

Where you enter the text of the article.

File Commands

These file commands are available from within the Post Article dialog.

File ▸ Send Article

When you are done entering the article, use this command to send the article to the news server.

File ▸ Save Draft

Save your current work on the article to disk.

File ▸ Open Draft

Load a previous draft and continue editing.

Editing Commands

This option is available from within the Post Article Dialog.

Edit ▸ Manage Posting Profiles

See Posting Profiles.

Edit ▸ Run Editor

Starts an external editor. Type in your post in the external editor as you normally would and save your work. The external editor will close and the text that was entered into that editor will be located in the text area.

Edit ▸ Set Editor

Choose which external editor to use.

Edit ▸ Manage Editor List

Setup another external editor.

Edit ▸ Cut, Copy and Paste

The standard GUI text functions.

Edit ▸ Wrap Now

Force the text flow into paragraphs instead of running off the edge of the text area.

Edit ▸ Wrap Text

Set this option to have text automatically wrap when entered.

Edit ▸ Check Spelling

Set this option and possible spelling errors in the text area will marked with a red wavy line.

Edit ▸ ROT 13

ROT13 is a simple cipher to hide story spoilers, joke punchlines, etc. Select the text to cipher and use this command.